Tips to survive the "Golden Week"

1 Oct

Tips to survive the “Golden Week”

Everybody is preparing themselves for the upcoming week; the Chinese National Holliday. The Chinese National day is celebrated on October 1st. A memorial day for the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Holiday will last 7 days and is called the “Golden Week”.

There are many activities and ceremonies to attend nationwide. From firework to dances, shows and huge parades. Why it is called the Golden Week? The answer is quite simple: during this week many people are buying gifts, going out for dinner and spending money on traveling and activities.

During this week, many Chinese people go traveling around the country and that leads to a sea of people at attraction sites, train stations, airports and other public places.

We wrote down a few tips to survive the Golden week.

1: Avoid traveling during the golden week 

During the Golden Week, it is so incredible busy that public transportation is a no go. Around 120 million people are traveling during this week. There was a traffic jam that lasted for one day last year, hard to imagine right?

2: Don’t go to famous tourist attractions or cities 

The famous Chinese tourist attractions and cities are very busy. Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu are cities which are very crowded during this week. The wall, the terracotta army and the panda parks are hot places as well. For the daredevils out there, this is the time to get the real Chinese experience!

3: Book your tickets in advance

Because more than 100 million people are traveling at the same time, tickets for public transportations are sold out at least one week before the Holiday. Make sure you book your tickets in advance if you like to travel.

4: Don’t go against the stream; go with the flow!

Don’t panic, don’t rush, just go with the flow! Just remind yourself that you might not be used to the big crowds but the Chinese people are, so it will work out just fine.

5: And most important: enjoy and explore the richness of the Chinese culture! 

During this Golden Week there a so many celebration activities and ceremonies to attent. It is a great time to learn about the Chinees culture and experience China. So have fun and celebrate the day China has become a Republic!

Are you still wondering if it is it really that busy? Please see for yourself in this short video:

To all of our candidates and partners who are in China: have a great holiday!

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