22 Dec

Celebrating Christmas in China

As many of you know, Christmas is not an official holiday in China. The simple reason for that is that Christmas is a Christian holiday and are there barely any Christians in China. Since China became more capitalistic over the last decades, Christmas festivities are more and more present these days. The fun thing is: all these reasons do not matter to children. Since most of our teachers do not only teach the English language but also Western culture in their classes, it’s a great time to show students a great Christmas. Some more internationally-orientated schools organize Christmas parties, some teachers pull off a great Christmas party for their students. A roundup!


Be Santa!

Many of your students will never have seen Santa Claus before, as they are unfamiliar with lots of aspects of Christmas. Learn them about Santa in this fun way, some of the younger students will not even recognize you!


Attend your schools’ Christmas party or organize one yourself!

Most private schools organize Christmas parties themselves, but in public schools it’s sometimes a bit more difficult since the number of students is so high. Build an in-class party the way you would like to celebrate Christmas when you were a child. Hint: Chinese like karaoke, search for ‘Christmas karaoke’ on YouTube…


Give something away!

Santa Claus gives presents. It’s so nice to buy for example a bag of candies and give the children a little present. You are the foreign teacher, you are the hero of some of the children. Their fun teacher, their Santa. Look at this gift for example, a hand written little Christmas card for all students!


Receive something!

Besides lots of smiles, some students will give you presents for Christmas. Beware: if you work in a public school – bring a box to school, since there will be so many presents. It will be filled with apples, oranges, candies and drawings. Of course it’s great to be able to share all this with all the students.


Take a picture!

This might be the last time you’re celebrating Christmas in China. It will be a Christmas to never forget. Take this celebration as a great excuse to take a picture with all of your students. You will have something to remember for life. Also, consider printing the pictures and handing them out to their class teachers or principals – this way your students will always remember that one great Christmas with their foreign teacher!



Some private schools will organize Christmas parties for their foreign teachers. The photo you see here is a Christmas gathering in Chengdu for foreign teachers. Or find your local bar/disco and be amazed how over-the-top Christmas can be!

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