9 Aug

Travelling prepared!

A good journey starts with good preparation. Would you like to travel without any stress? In this blog you can read how to do so. We would also like to share some useful tips.

This is one of the most important things when travelling abroad. In China 1 Euro equals 7,93 RMB (Chinese Yuan, 7 August 2017). It is better to travel with extra money in case of emergencies. To withdraw money abroad you might need to change your personal settings of your bank account. Do this before leaving so you can travel at ease.

Take into account that China has internet censorship. This means that over 2600 websites are blocked such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Gmail. To retain contact via email you can register another account, for example on Yahoo or Outlook. Furthermore, you can install a VPN on your computer or laptop to use blocked websites. In this blog you can read more about the benefits of a VPN.

It is better to arrange an international travel insurance before leaving. With this you will be, among other things, insured against medical expenses abroad.

In the beginning you will have to get used to your new environment. This applies to your body as well. Your body will notice that you are in a new environment: think about the climate, the food, and the time zone. In this blog you can find useful tips about how to stay healthy in China.

Learn Chinese!
You don’t have to speak Chinese fluently to be able to communicate in China. However, it would be much easier if you know the basics. Nowadays there are plenty of apps and tools that can help you. Do you like reading? Then you might consider reading a book like HSK, Boya Chinese and Short-Term Spoken Chinese. There are also applications like Memrise, HelloChinese, FluentU and Pleco. Besides, you can always make use of Google Translate or Baidu Translate.

A few more tips
Make sure you have a simlock free phone. This way you can be sure that every SIM card fits in your mobile phone which means that you are always reachable. Furthermore, it’s better to take basic clothes with you. In China there are plenty of (western) shops where you can shop at.This could mean a lot less luggage weight to carry with you. Last but not least, take into account that public toilets in China do not have toilet paper. Make sure you bring your own Kleenex or toilet paper with you.

With these tips and practical information your preparation will be a lot easier and you will enjoy your time in China!

Written by Hoda Maksoud, Intern at China Plus

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