17 Aug


The first city that we would like to discuss is Shenzhen. You may never have heard about this city before, but this is one of the most popular cities at the moment. Shenzhen is located in the southern province of Guangdong, at the border of Hongkong. It belongs to the most modern and thriving cities of China. People all over the country move to Shenzhen because of its international atmosphere and comfortable life style.

Shenzhen is modern and lively. What happened to be a small village at the seaside, is now one of the biggest economic centers in China with the world’s fourth largest harbour. Also, Shenzhen has beautiful skylines with two of the highest buildings of the world, such as the Kingkey 100. The city is known as one of the greenest cities in China. You can find many big parks and gardens where you can relax. Furthermore, Shenzhen has the world’s biggest golf course and has many shopping centers, theaters, musea and theme parks. Last but not least, the east coast of the city has one of the most beautiful beaches. Both locals and tourists love this city!

Shenzhen is one of the most southern cities of China and has a subtropical climate. Which means that summers are hot and humid with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. The winters are mild and dry and it barely freezes. There is a short rainy season, from the end of September until the beginning of October. Compared to other Chinese cities, Shenzhen is considered to have a better air quality.

Originally, the most spoken languages were Cantonese and Hakka. Since the arrival of many different migrants, Mandarin is now spoken a lot too. Nowadays, almost everyone speaks Standard Mandarin. It also became the standard language at Chinese schools.

Because of the many migrants in Shenzhen, you can find many different kitchens from all over China. Shenzhen is known for its many ‘Eat Streets’. These are streets where you can find small restaurants where you can eat delicious food for little money. There is a lot of variety, so enough choice for everybody! Dim sum (small bites) is often eaten as breakfast or lunch. Both Cantonese as foreigners love it. If you feel like eating western food again, there are many international restaurants you can try.

Shenzhen has a modern subway system that brings you easily from A to B. More and more subway lines are being built and now it’s even possible to go to Hongkong by subway. Hongkong is also easily reachable by ferry, just like the other small islands nearby. You can also reach other Chinese cities by train. 

Are you planning to go on a Chinese adventure? Then you should definitely visit this beautiful city!

Written by Hoda Maksoud, Intern at China Plus

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