About China Plus

Since 2012, China Plus offers a wide range of services related to cultural exchange and doing business with China. Among our activities is providing guidance to qualified applicants in obtaining a teaching position in China, and providing young adults who want to take a gap year off, the opportunity to study Chinese while living with a host family. Next to this, we also have a separate service with which we assist those who have already found a job independently, without the help of an agency, with their work visa application for China. Through these activities we aim to help our participants gain the expertise to further develop their career and to allow their businesses in China to grow.

We organise our activities in collaboration with our reputed Chinese school and agencies, with the latter connecting us to host families. Due to our extensive network and years of experience in China, we’re able to offer excellent support. We aim to provide the best service to our teachers and students and we always strive to ensure that they are well-prepared for their adventure in China. Up until now, China Plus has successfully placed hundreds of participants in China and by doing so has made many unforgettable experiences possible.

China Plus aims to be successful in both programs by providing the best quality service to both our partner schools and agencies in China, and to our teachers and students endeavouring on their new adventure. Our experienced and dedicated team at China Plus looks forward to working with you.

Aixia Li Managing Director

“As the managing director, I am responsible for expanding both the European and the Chinese market as well as taking care of our program candidates at each stage of the procedure.

With my working history and Chinese background, you will be ensured to reach both your business and personal targets as well have a satisfying experience in China.”

Daniëlle Plantinga Manager External Relations

“Being the manager of external relations of the English Teaching program, it is my role to recruit appropriate candidates in native speaking countries. Also, I am in charge of setting up cooperations with relevant partners within the industry such as universities and recruitment agencies.

I have extensive experience in working for cultural exchange companies. It is my goal to reach as many potential English teachers as possible and to inform them about the wonderful opportunities our program has to offer.”

Kirsten Lok Program Manager

“As Program Manager for the Teacher Plus Program, I oversee the entire program procedure from the initial stages of recruitment, training and preparation, up until the later stages of matching qualified teachers with a suitable school and supporting them until their arrival in China.

After having recently returned from Beijing, China after 4,5 years of studying and teaching, I hope to share my knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for this beautiful country and to encourage others to take a leap of faith in discovering all that it has to offer.” 

Mariko Huijs Teacher Plus Program Assistant

”As Program Assistant, my responsibilities consist of assisting the Program Manager by recruiting and interviewing potential candidates. Furthermore, I assist in providing information regarding daily life in China, the necessary documents required for departure, and the process for visa application. 

Through my education of Oriental Languages and Communication at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and my personal experience of studying Chinese in Beijing, I hope to provide ample expertise to guide you towards discovering China and the life changing experience it can provide for those seeking to push their boundaries.”