Participants of the Culture Plus program will follow the procedure stated below.

Step 1: Apply
Are you interested in joining the Culture Plus program? If so, please apply by filling out the application form on our website. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the program.

Step 2: Send your English introduction video to China Plus
China Plus will request a maximum 1 minutes introduction video, in which you can introduce yourself to us. The introduction video should include your name, age, hobbies, the purpose of taking a gap year. If you have more things to tell in the video, please don’t hesitate to do so. This video is for us to assess your English level as a potential applicant.

Step 3: Have a face to face interview
If the content of your English introduction video meets the program requirements, you will be invited for a face to face interview to discuss further details.

Step 4: Receive an email of acceptance
If your application is accepted by China Plus, you will receive an email of acceptance. In this email, you will receive the pre-agreement, detailed application form, program procedure as well as a list of the program costs!

Step 5: Sign the pre-agreement and officially start your procedure
Send the signed pre-agreement and the other required documents to China Plus; this will be the official start of your application.

Step 6: Have interviews with the Chinese partner agency and the Chinese family
You will have an interview with our partner agency, and a subsequent second interview with a Chinese family. The interview will take place via WeChat video call. If the interview is successful, you will sign a contract with our Chinese partner and the Chinese family.

Step 7: Wait for the university acceptance letter and apply for a student visa
Wait for the university acceptance letter to be sent to you. We will instruct you on how to apply for a Chinese student visa. It takes 4 working days to receive the visa after you have applied for it at the visa centre.

Step 8: Attend the pre-departure meeting at China Plus

Step 9: Depart to China and stay in touch
You are ready to leave for China! In China, you will receive the second training in China to learn about Chinese culture and your responsibilities in your host family. Please stay in touch with us after you have arrived in China. We are not only looking forward to hearing about how you are doing in China, we are also ready to help you out if necessary.

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