Living in China

Living in China

  1. Will I be picked up from the airport in China?

    Of course. Our Chinese partner will make sure someone will pick you up. Before your departure to China, you will be in touch with the person who will pick you up and you can exchange contact details.

  2. What is expected of me during the first few days in China?

    You will get some time to have a rest. After settling in, you will follow a three day course on Chinese culture and your tasks and responsibilities in the host family will be explained. After this training, you are ready to start your placement.

  3. What kind of room will I get?

    You will get your own private and furnished room in the house of the host family. Your room will at least have a TV, Internet and heating.

  4. Will I need to pay for my own food when I am having dinner outside with the host family?

    No, they will pay for your meals as long as you live together with the host family. The host family will also pay for your meal when eating out. Most host families will really treat you as a family member.

  5. How much is the cost of living in China? Is my allowance enough to support myself?

    You can easily support yourself with an allowance of €180, because you don’t need to pay for your room and board. Eating out and clothes are not expensive in China. We do advise you to take around € 300 with you to China, to pay for some expenses before you receive your first allowance. This should be more than enough. We also advise you to bring extra clothing and shoes if you are taller than 1.80m. In this case it might be hard to find clothes that fit you. If you decide to travel around during or after your stay in China, make sure you reserve an extra budget for that.

  6. Can I use my own bank card? Will I receive a Chinese bank card?

    Most transactions in China are done in cash. Most of the times, you can use your own bank card at bigger banks such as the Bank of China. Check with your bank what you need to arrange to use your bank card internationally. Our Chinese partner will also help you to set up a Chinese bank account. Of course you can also use the bank card that comes along with this account.

  7. When will I receive my allowance?

    Usually you will receive your allowance at the end of the month.

  8. Should I bring a laptop?

    It is definitely useful to bring your own laptop. This will enable you to stay in touch with others. Usually you can also use computers at the college, university or training centre where you will have your Chinese classes.

  9. Will there be WiFi available?

    Yes, almost all host families have access to WiFi and will let you use this connection as well.

  10. Can I use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Gmail in China?

    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Gmail are blocked in China. You can get access to these services using VPN-software. You can choose from both free and paid VPN-services and install these on your computer and phone. If you want to be sure to have a quick internet connection, we advise you to use a paid service.

  11. Can I invite my family and friends to come by?

    Usually, this is not a problem. Your host family will probably love to meet your friends and family from your home country. Of course you do need to discuss any plans with your host family. It is advisable to plan any visits well in advance.

  12. I am vegetarian, vegan or follow a gluten-free diet. Will there be any problems in China?

    Generally speaking, Chinese people have less knowledge about special dietary needs. Make sure your Chinese host family is aware of your special dietary needs or any allergies, especially when you are eating at a restaurant.

  13. How do I meet new people in China?

    The most obvious way to meet new people is during the Chinese classes. You will follow the classes together with other international students. On top of that, the Chinese partner agencies regularly organise cultural activities for participants who are following the same program. There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

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