Culture Plus: Live and Learn in China

The Culture Plus program is designed for young people who would like to gain international experience in China. You can take part in the program when you are graduated from high school or college, or when you would like to take a gap year during or after your studies.

As a participant of the Culture Plus program, you will live with a Chinese host family. The host family offers you a private room, three meals a day, pocket money, an accident insurance and Chinese classes at a local college or university. In return for all this, you will practice the English language skills of the children in the host family. The host family also likes you to encourage their children in displaying independent and social behaviour. Therefore, they will be happy to take you to birthdays and on family trips.

The Culture Plus program is the perfect opportunity to learn more about China, the Chinese language, the fascinating culture and the hospitable people. Besides your responsibilities in the host family, you can enjoy everything China has to offer during your free time.

Discover the interesting Chinese history, go shopping for hours in huge malls and eat traditional Chinese food. The Culture Plus program makes sure you will have an unforgettable experience in the real China.

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You can take part in the Culture Plus program when you

  • are between 17 and 23 years old (You need to be 18 before going to China)
  • have a good command of English, both oral and written
  • have not been convicted for a crime
  • are in good health, don’t have a contagious or severe illness
  • are available for a period of at least six months up to a year


As a participant of the Culture Plus program, you will

  • practice English language skills of the children in the host family
  • encourage the children in independent and social behaviour
  • take part in family activities, such as birthday and trips
  • obey and respect the rules of the family
  • keep your own room clean


As a participant of the Culture Plus program, you will receive

free board and room at a Chinese host family
free Chinese classes at a local college or university, rewarded with a certificate
a reimbursement for your flight ticket to China (depending on the length of your stay)
 a free pick up service at the airport in China
 a monthly allowance of € 180, plus program bonus
 accident insurance in China
 one or two days off a week
 assistance from China Plus in finding a host family and applying for your visa
 free visa advice for friends and family who would like to visit you in China
 support from China Plus and our partners in China after your arrival


China Plus wants to offer participants a program as affordable as possible. Our participants pay only the following costs

    • Application fee – € 350 (Ex.VAT)
    • Documents administration fee – € 50 (Ex.VAT)
    • Visa application fee – € 126,55
    • Costs for applying for Certificate of Good Conduct: € 41,35
    • Possible costs for vaccinations: € 150 – € 200
    • Flight tickets: € 500 – € 800

When you choose to stay for a whole year, your return flight tickets will be reimbursed. If you join the program for half a year, a single ticket will be reimbursed.

We advise our participants to take some money with them to use until the moment they receive their first pocket money in China.

The figures stated above are based on the fees charged in and from the Netherlands and should act as an indication for our international applicants.

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