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Diary Fleur – Culture Plus programma

My name is Fleur. I am currently living in Beijing with my new Chinese family. The family consists of dad, mom, grandma and son Alex (5). I am participating in the Culture Plus program because I want to see more of the world. This program gave me the opportunity to discover the world, starting with China. In this diary I would like to share my experience in China.

Family  Fleur and Alex
From Monday to Friday my alarm goes off at 6 am when I have Chinese classes and meet my friends at school. After a quick breakfast, I get changed and rush to the metro because my class starts at 8 am and traveling to school will take at least 1 hour. I am having lunch with my friends after class. When I get home I teach Alex, my Chinese brother, English. We read English stories together, play games, learn English words with flashcards and play the piano.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have Chinese Culture classes after my normal Chinese classes. We make crafts, draw Chinese characters and do other creative things to learn about the Chinese Culture. Today we drew Chinese characters on a cloth.

Write Chinese  Study Chinese
Today is my day off, just like Friday. I don’t have to teach Alex English, so I have enough time to explore the amazing Beijing. After school I am going to the Olympic Park with my friends. It is a beautiful, quiet and huge park in the middle of the lively city Beijing.

Today is a normal but fun schoolday. After the Chinese class I go to lunch with my friends and when I get back home I teach Alex English. I learn him about the modes of transport in English. In the evening we had dinner together with the family as usual. After dinner I went to bed early.

Alex study
Fridays are my day off. I spend the whole day at the university because we had to practise a dance for the opening ceremony during the sport competition of our university. In the afternoon we went to practise the dans with all the students on the playing field. Next week we will perform at the Olympic Stadion!

This Saturday I am a bridesmaid at the wedding of my Chinese father’s niece. The groom will play different kind of games before getting to the bride such as finding the bride’s heels and finding the bride’s hand between other hands being blindfolded. During the ceremony I am wearing a pink princess dress while I and my Chinese brother throw flower petals in front of the bride. After the ceremony I wear my black dress. It was time for lunch. I never see so much food, drinks and happy people together! There’s a great atmosphere in the massive dining room while people raise their drinks and toast every five minutes!

This morning I practised English with Alex and went to his piano lesson. After having lunch we drove to the countryside to get some fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts for the coming weeks. The countryside is one hour away from our house, it is such a different world compared to the busy Beijing! I went to bed early because tomorrow I have Chinese classes again, which means waking up at 6 am!

Piano practise  Farm

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