Diary Mees

Diary Mees – Culture Plus programma

Hello! My name is Mees and I am currently living in Guiyang, China. I am 17 years old and I graduated from high school last summer. After my graduation I decided to take a gap year because I didn’t want to start my next study immediately.

I am living with a very lovable family. The family consists of dad, mom, son Jimmy (10) en daughter Maria (2). Grandpa and grandma are also living with the family. In this diary I would like to share my experience in China. Have fun reading!

Family  Starbucks
I bought a drink at Starbucks before I started my 2 hour long journey to the university. It was a pleasant day and I laughed a lot in class. After school I helped Jimmy with his English homework. It is quite hard for him. Pronunciation and writing is complicated.

I didn’t go to Chinese class today, instead I went to the kindergarten with Maria. After that we had a great lunch at a steakhouse. In the afternoon I picked Jimmy up from school and played badminton with the whole family.

Friday is my day off. I went out with my friends in the evening. It was so much fun! I got back at home at 7 am and only slept for 2 hours, but it was definitely worth it!

We are going to the hometown of my host mom this weekend. She is from a poor village in the mountains. It is interesting to see China from another perspective. It surprised me that I experienced a culture shock while staying in the same country. There was a girl with a beautiful princess dress en next to her another girl carrying her little brother on her back.

This was the weirdest day of my life. I carried a snake around my neck and ate it the same evening. We also climbed some mountains with the boys. I drank a beer with the family members. It was a crazy experience! Oh right, there was also a giant spider in the toilet…

Snake  Cheers
Not much happened today. We drove back home and I enjoyed a shower. There was no shower in the village we went yesterday. It’s also nice to sleep in my own bed again.

We had a barbecue with friends and family in the afternoon. It’s quite difficult to eat chicken wings with chopsticks. After the barbecue we watched ‘Transformers’ and ‘Harry Potter’ in our home cinema. I also Facetimed with my friends and sent WhatsApp messages to my friends in the Netherlands. Always good to talk with my friends.