1. If I am not a native English speaker, can I still apply for the program?

    Our company works mainly with teachers from Northern Europe, please notify us what your nationality is when you send in your application. It is important that each applicant meets the criteria for teaching English in China: having a bachelor’s degree, a high level of speaking English and have a willingness to share the English language with students.

  2. Do I need to speak Chinese in order to participate in the program?

    No, it is not necessary. Most schools prefer that you do not speak Chinese. They would rather that only you speak English in the classroom. Knowing some Chinese will help you in your daily life outside of your classes and you will be picking up more Chinese everyday. Your Chinese tutor will help you learn some of the basics of Mandarin (Chinese) before your classes begin. In some schools, a teaching assistant will help you out.

  3. I just graduated but will receive my certificate later this year, can I still apply?

    In case you just graduated or will graduate soon, please apply or get in touch with us at so we can see what is possible for you.

  4. Do I need to have a certification for teaching?

    It depends on your educational background and your work experience. If you studied to become a teacher at the University or you have two years teaching experience, then you don’t need to have a certification for teaching. Otherwise, we prefer you to obtain an 120 hours online TEFL certificate.

  5. When is the best time for me to apply for this program?

    The Chinese semesters start every March and September but we also send two other groups of teacher to China every June and November. We kindly recommend that you apply for our program at least three to four months before each semester starts. This will give us ample amount of time to help you with the visa application process.

  6. Can couples participate in this program and teach in one school or one city?

    We welcome couples to join our program. Some of our schools do prefer to invite couples to teach at their schools. It is possible for us to arrange for couples to teach at one school or in the same city, as well as arranging an apartment for them.

  7. Is it possible for me and my friend to work in the same school or the same city?

    Yes, it is possible. Many of our schools need at least two teachers. If there is a chance that we can arrange that you and your friend can teach at the same school, we will do what we can to make that possible. Also arranging an apartment for friends is normally no problem. We will make it as convenient for our teachers as possible.

  8. When is the contract signed? Before or upon arrival?

    Some of our teachers will sign the teaching contract before leaving for China, but some of our teachers will sign their working contract right after their arrivals. It depends on which school or partner agency we’ve matched you with. Either way you will get the exact information pertaining to your working hours, salary, meals, accommodation and more other information before applying for a Chinese Visa. All of this information will be stipulated in your contract.

  9. My passport will expire in six months, can I apply for this program?

    One of the requirements for getting a Chinese Visa is that the passport is valid for at least a year. In this case, we kindly ask you to apply for a new passport first.

  10. Can I apply for this program if I don’t have a bachelors degree?

    It is impossible to apply for our teaching program if you don’t have a bachelors degree. In case you’re interested in other opportunities in China, please contact our staff member directly via e-mail, our staff members will give you some useful information about other opportunities in China.

  11. What kind of documents do I have to prepare before applying for the work visa?

    – Curriculum Vitae (including work experience starting from senior high school, relevant teaching experience is preferred).
    – Copy of your passport. (Only the page of your personal information).
    – Copy of your bachelors degree.
    This needs to be legalised. We’ll help you with the necessary steps to follow in the process of legalisation.
    – Digital copy of Certificate of Police Clearance (DBS).
    This needs to be legalised. We’ll help you with the necessary steps to follow in the process of legalisation.

    Which documents are recommended when I want to apply to become an English teacher in China?
    Some documents could make your application easier, for example:

    – A copy of a 120h+ TEFL certificate
    – Proof of teaching experience, for example, a letter of recommendation.

  12. Are there any ‘hidden’ fees to join this program?

    China Plus does not ask any fee from their candidates. China Plus was commissioned by the Chinese school or the Chinese partner agency to recruit, select and prepare qualified teachers to be employed in China. When the candidate arrives in China, the school will be in charge of helping them out with their requests and possible problems. 

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