1. Fill in the online program application form, which you can find on our website Apply Now page.
    2. Have an office interview or a Skype interview with one of the China Plus staff.

      Make an appointment with us in advance via e-mail and prepare for your interview.

    3. Prepare an introduction video to match with a potential school; we have some online sample videos on our Blog page

      You will get some advice from our staff at the interview, if you were accepted by us, our staff will give you some information about how to prepare the introduction video for matching with a potential school.

    4. Prepare documents for applying for a working permit in China.

      After a successful interview, our staff will send you a list of documents to prepare; these documents will be used to apply for a work permit.

    5. Send the requested documents to us.

      Please send us all the requested documents as soon as possible; our staff will give you feedback after checking all the paperwork.

    6. Meet our Chinese partner agency/school on Skype.

                 We will introduce you to our Chinese school before starting the matching process.

Wait for a match

We/Our Chinese partner agency will match you with a school after we received the requested documents.

Wait for the work permit

  1. We will apply for a work permit on your behalf, from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China, after we received the requested documents from you.

    This process will take two to three weeks.

  2. 3. We will send the work permit to you.

    After we get the work permit from the Chinese Government, we will send scanned copy to you via email.

Visa & Departure

  1. Apply for a Z type work visa, which is the official working visa in China
  2. Book a ticket and prepare your luggage.

    We suggest you to book the ticket after getting the visa.

  3. Receive departure information from China Plus.

    After you get your Chinese visa, our staff will send you the departure preparation email .

  4. Fly to China and meet our partner agency/school in China.

    Our Chinese colleague will pick you up at the closest international airport. Accommodation will be provided when you arrive. Take this time to rest and rejuvenate, after your energy is restored you will be visiting our partner company or the school office before you start teaching.

  5. And finally, you are ready to work!

    Our Chinese colleague will help you with arranging of a Chinese bank account, Chinese SIM card and giving you more information about teaching.

Stay in contact

Please stay in contact with China Plus and keep us informed about your life in China.

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