Living and travelling in China

Living and traveling in China

  1. Is there someone will pick me up at airport?

    Yes, of course, before you leave for China, we will introduce you to the person responsible for you, who will pick you up at the airport.

  2. What will I do on the first day when I arrive in China?

    You will be sent to a hotel or the apartment prepared for you. Take this time to rest and rejuvenate, after you restored your energy you will be visiting our partner company ( school) before you will be located to your school. You will be asked to give a demo lesson. Chinese staff/teacher will help you with opening of a Chinese bank account and arrange a ticket for you to move to the school.

  3. Does the school provide the English teacher with accommodation? If so, what kind of accommodation (e.g. room, apartment, house share)?

    In China, our schools will provide English teachers with an independent apartment. The apartments will have Internet, a heating system and more, depending on the school and the apartment. Some of our schools are offering housing allowance.

  4. Do I need vaccinations before going to China?

    We would advise to ask your local health council or general practitioner for advise based on your personal situation. We advise to check on the following vaccinations:
    – Typhoid
    – Hepatitis A+B
    – Rabies
    – DTP
    – Yellow fever

  5. How far is the provided apartment from the school?

    Normally English teachers will live in the same building as other Chinese teachers. This is usually next to or near the school, about 10-15 minute walk. Some schools will find a separate apartment for their teachers nearby the school.

  6. How much I can get paid?

    You can get at least 9000 RMB (which is around £1100 ) salary per month. If you have more experience and better or related degrees, your salary will be higher.

  7. How about the living expense in China? Is the £1000 enough for supporting my life in China? How does the first month’s expenses work?

    You will have a relaxing life in China with the £1000, as you don’t need to pay for your apartment and meals every month. Restaurants and clothes in China are not expensive at all.We kindly advise you to bring £500 extra with you to support yourself in the first month in China.

  8. When will I receive my salary?

    Normally you will receive your salary on the 10th of each month. You will find this information on the contract you have signed with our partner school.

  9. With £1000, could I easily travel around China? Can I use my bank card?

    With a minimum of £1000 salary you can easily travel around China both by train and by plane. You can find a lot of affordable tickets on some websites, such as XieCheng and Qunar.
    Train tickets you better buy at the station. Use the website China Train Guide to check train times.

    We kindly advise you to bring cash with you when you travel around China, as many Chinese stores do not have electronic payment terminals/points available.

  10. How difficult is it to get around in China?

    Getting in around in China is fairly easy, depending on the city you’re located in. Almost all bigger cities are connected through a state of the art high speed rail network, which is both affordable and fast.

  11. Can I get in touch with a teacher that’s currently teaching through China Plus in China?

    Of course, If you wish more background information it might be very useful to talk with a teacher in China first. Send us an e-mail and we will see who is available to talk to you.

  12. Should I bring a laptop?

    You will be able to use computers provided at the school, but we suggest you bring your own laptop, which will make your life and communication easier in China.

  13. Will there be Wi-Fi in my apartment and at my workplace?

    Most of our school have wired internet access. Your apartment always has WiFi. Not in all of the places in China can easily reach Wi-Fi but it is possible to have Internet access since your phone will normally have a 4G-connection with your Chinese simcard.

  14. Can I use Facebook, YouTube or Twitter in China?

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G-mail are blocked in China. But some of our candidates in China made the use of these websites possible by downloading VPN software. There are many VPN services available for you to use both on your own computer and for your telephone; both paid subscriptions as well as free services. For a good VPN connection, we recommend using a paid service for good Internet speed. We recommend ExpressVPN.

  15. When can I travel around China? Am I allowed to invite my friends or family to visit me?

    School holidays will start January and then again in July, each of these holidays will last at least 30 days. You can travel around China during these school holidays. Of course, you can travel around China on the weekends and during public holidays too. You will have your private apartment or room to live in; you are allowed to invite friends or family to visit. We prefer that you inform your Chinese advisor and China Plus about your visitors and their stay. You need to ask the school if your family or friends were allowed to stay with you in the accommodation provided by the school.(The summer and winter school holidays are only possible for teachers who work at public schools).

  16. Can I use my bank card in China?

    Apart from your own card, you will get a Chinese bank account for free in China. Please be aware that most financial transactions in China are done in cash, however if you wish to withdraw money from your bank account, in every city you will find ATM’s where that’s possible, mostly of the bigger Chinese banks.

  17. Who will pay for the travel expenses from my country to China? How about the insurance?

    The English teacher needs to pay for his or her own flight ticket to China. If the teacher completes one semester of teaching in China, depending on the school the teacher is matched with, the teacher will receive a flight allowance, normally varying between £300 and £700 per one way flight. The company will assist the English teacher with the insurance; this insurance will cover you in case of an accident. The company will be responsible for paying the basic medical insurance, we kindly advice you to always insure yourself with a travel insurance as well, very useful in case of repatriation or lost goods.

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