Living and traveling in China3

Living and traveling in China

    1. Is there someone will pick me up at airport? What should I do on the first day when I arrive in China?

Yes, of course, before you leave for China, we will introduce the responsible person to you, who will pick you up at the airport.

The process of your first days in China are as follows:

You will be sent to our training center to have a rest after your arrival. After you get enough energy, you will have four to seven days training at our Beijing training center. After the training, your move to the host family will be arranged and you can start your work as a participant.

    1. What kind of accommodation I will have?

In China, participants will have a private room, including internet, a TV, a heating system and more, depending on the family.

    1. Do I need to pay for my meals if I go outside have dinner with my host family?

Normally English teachers will live in the same building as other Chinese teachers. This is usually next to or near the school, at around 10-15 minutes of walking. Some schools will find a separate apartment for their teachers nearby the school.

    1. How much I can get paid and what about my meals?

No, you don’t need to pay for your meals. The host family will take care of everything if you are together with them. Most of our host families treat participants as a real family member.

    1. How about the living expense in China? Is the 125 euro pocket money enough for supporting my life in China? How about the first month expense in China?

You will have a relaxing life in China with 125 euro as you don’t need to pay for your apartment and meals every month. Restaurants and clothes in China are not expensive at all.

We kindly advice you to bring 300 euros extra with you to support yourself in the first month in China. We also would like to advise you to bring extra clothes and shoes if you are over 1,70 meters. If you are, it might be very hard to buy clothes and shoes in China for you.

    1. When will I receive my pocket money?

It is common to receive your pocket money at the end of each month.

    1. Should I bring a laptop?

You will be able to use computers provided by the family, but we suggest you to bring your own laptop which will make your life and communication easier in China.

    1. Will there be Wi-Fi?

Yes, almost all host families in China have a Wi-Fi connection available at their residence.

    1. Can I use Facebook, YouTube or Twitter in China?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Gmail are blocked in China. But some of our English had made them possible to use by download VPN software. There are many VPN services available for you to use both on your own computer and for on your telephone; both paid subscriptions as well as for free. For a good VPN connection, we recommend using a paid service for good internet speed.

    1. Am I allowed to invite my friends or family to visit me?

This is up to the host family to decide. However, it is within reason that you are allowed to have friends or family visit you. Please contact the host family at the earliest opportunity about any possible visits and please inform us as well.

    1. How can I use my bank card in China?

You will get a Chinese bank account for free in China with the help of our Chinese partner as well as the host family. Please be aware that most financial transactions in China are done in cash, however. If you wish to withdraw money from your bank account, it might not be possible to use your own bank card.

    1. Who will pay for the travel expenses from my country to China? How about the insurance?

The family will pay for your ticket to China if you are able to work for six months and a return ticket will be paid if you are able to work for a full year. The family and our Chinese partner company will arrange your insurance together. This type of insurance is especially for foreigners.

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