1. Is previous experience regarding similar programs necessary to be a participant in China?

The requirements are that you are older than 17 years old, speak good English and have the willingness to share the English language with local Chinese children. If you have relevant experiences, it will be a plus in your application, but it is not necessary. Our Chinese partner will give you a training before you move to the host family.

    1. What kind of families are there? How many working hours for a week and how about my pocket money?

Most of our families are from bigger cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. These host families are the more wealthy with a higher education. They respect the participants and would like to exchange cultures with them.

There are at most 30 hours of work for a participant to complete per week. These are 85% for teaching the children English and 15% for minor household chores. You will get 125 euro of pocket money per month.

    1. Which cities can I go to?

For the Au Pair program we have five top cities available, which are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chengdu & Guiyang. We have more information about those five cities.

    1. What about the age of kids in the host family? Do they speak English?

The ages of the children in our host families are between three and ten years old. Most of them already have basic English knowledge. Some of our families already have experience with English-speaking guests, so their children speak fluent English.

    1. When will I move to the host family? Do I need to pay for the travel fee from the training center to my host family?

Normally you would spend at around four to at most seven days training center. The host family will buy a ticket for you, so there is no travel fee to worry about.

    1. Is there any one will help me if I have some problems with my host family?

Yes, of course. The local Chinese staff will help you with solving you problems and you can always contact us if there are anything confusing to you.

    1. Are overtime shifts mandatory?

If the host family asks you to work more than 30 hours per week, please contact our Chinese staff or us directly. We will talk to the host family and ask them change the working schedule for you.

    1. Can I change to a new host family if I don’t get along well with my current host family?

Yes, it is possible for us to change a host family for you. But our company needs at least 2 weeks to arrange it for you. We kindly suggest you to inform us two weeks earlier for your host family replacement.

    1. Can I stop my working contract earlier if some emergency situation happened in my home country?

Yes, the company and the host family will terminate the contract if the emergency situation is deemed serious enough.

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