Next to the other teaching positions for various subjects, we are also offering teaching positions related to science such as mathematics, ICT, biology, physics as well as chemistry. A typical class for one of these subjects takes 45 minutes, and each class has around 50 students.

Foreign teachers who teach these specific subjects in English are employed by an international school in China, which follows either the British or the American educational system. Therefore, applicants who would like to teach at these kinds of schools should be familiar with the GCSE (General Certification of Secondary Education) or ACT (American College Test).

Students are between 8 and 16 years old. Most of the students speak fluent English. Their main goal is to study abroad after graduation.


  • Be older than 24 and younger than 55 years old;
  • Be from the United Kingdom or the Netherlands;
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or above in the specific subject you are applying for;
  • Have at least two years related working experience;
  • Must not have been convicted of a crime and have no record of contagious or serious diseases;
  • Be able to teach at least 10 months, which is about one school year in China;
  • Be able to start in March or September.


 £1000 – £1800 monthly salary (depending on experience and degrees);
£500 – £1000 flight allowance (depending on the school);
Paid accommodation or housing allowance;
 Paid Chinese health insurance;
 School team building activities;
Options to explore opportunities for a future career;
 Holiday allowance will be provided (depending on the school);
 Paid Chinese Public holidays.

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