Work visa assistance

If you have found an employment opportunity in China directly without the assistance of an agency, but you are feeling a little lost about how to tackle the next steps, then China Plus is the right organisation for you! Next to our Teacher Plus program, we also provide a separate service with which we assist job seekers with their work visa application for China.

We have extensive experience in instructing hundreds of applicants on how to collect the necessary documents required for various employment purposes in China. Based on our professional work experience and knowledge of China we can help you too. Besides being confident in possessing the right expertise to help you organise all of the required paperwork efficiently, we are also able to provide stand-by support to answer any questions about daily life and cultural differences in China.
Furthermore, we will provide each applicant with vital tips and tricks which will make the transition and process of settling down in China run more smoothly.

What our service includes

  • Instruction on legalising the no criminal record
  • Instruction on legalising various levels of diplomas
  • Instruction on legalising your professional certificates
  • Medical examination advice for the work permit
  • Vital pre-departure tips for China

Service price

  • 120 euros excluding VAT
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