Cultural Ambassador Plus

Cultural Ambassador Plus

This program, run by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province, hires European professionals to work as Cultural Ambassadors to teach the English language, with a focus on communication skills, in Chinese primary and secondary schools in the cities of Wenzhou, Lishui, Jinhua, Taizhou, Quzhou Zhejiang Province.  

The reason for this program is to help upcoming generation in underdeveloped communities (tier 2-3 cities) with gaining valuable communicative skill and intercultural understandings. It is a public service activity, which is fully supported by the local governments of Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Department of Education of Zhejiang Province as well as Education Bureaus of Wenzhou, Lishui, Jinhua and Taizhou.  

As a European Cultural Ambassador, you will be assigned to different groups of students in one city. Your main responsibilities are teaching speaking English, organising activities for students to learn about European cultures as well as participating in yearly school activities. Specifically, every week you will have a maximum of twenty teaching hours, each teaching hour is 45 minutes, and ten hours of participating in teaching research, giving lectures on European cultures and social customs, organising and participating in extra curriculum activities.

Throughout the school year, you will always have a Chinese assistant standing by to help you out. Every half-year, you will have at least a month paid school break to travel around China and other Asian countries. The length of the program is 10 months, with one or two months of school break in the middle of the year.  

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Have a Bachelor degree or above (all majors welcome).
  • Speak fluent English.
  • Proof of no criminal record.
  • Be deemed physically and psychologically healthy.
  • Have an open-minded and flexible attitude.

What are the benefits?

  • Monthly salary EUR 830 (RMB 6500), which allows you to live comfortably in China.
  • EUR 1275 (RMB 10,000) flight allowance after completion of the program.
  • Comprehensive Chinese medical insurance.
  • A paid single apartment includes kitchen facilities, a private bathroom, fast WIFI, fridge, wash machine, bed and wardrobe closet.
  • Free meals at the school canteen.
  • Paid 11 days of Chinese public holiday plus one to two months of school break.

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